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The original founders and investors of Starsupply have established a new corporation in Geneva, Switzerland named Starfuels.

Starsupply Company Ltd via its subsidiary Starsupply SA has made a commitment to re-create a global niche oil brokerage based on the expertise of the top brokers in the physical oil trading environment. We plan to reach our goal by attracting the highest talent and by the acquisition of specialized boutique firms within the oilbroking industry. Under our new tradename, we opened our first office in Nyon, near Geneva in Switzerland in June 2012.

We are a brand new company, but we come with a lot of experience. Upgrade to Starfuels.

There will be no change whatsoever in our commitment to quality broking, That's where we stand for and that is what we shall remain.
Rob Ryneveld, Founder and CEO

Starfuels: Built on the Starsupply heritage